Where are your notes stored? Your notes are stored in a SQLite database and a 'Notes' folder is created in Android/data/com.colanotes.android folder of the Storage Card. Each note folder ends with .textbundle. For extreme problems, you can compress the 'Notes' folder to Download folder of the Storage Card, and then open Settings -> Import and Export -> Restore backup, and find the just backup file Notes.zip in the FileChooser to restore your notes.
What formats can be exported? You can export notes to TXT, PDF, JPEG, HTML, EPUB, Markdown, Text Pack.
How to synchronize notes? One Jotter supports synchronize notes with Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and WebDAV server.
How to quickly add a tag? Select a word, make it in the selected state (background changed), and then press '#' on the Extended Keyboard, then the tag is quickly added.
What's the category? Use category to manage folders, such as: work, life, study.
How to sort categories, folders and tags? Long press and drag to sort.
How to create a note link? Click the note link icon on Extended Keyboard, and it will pop up a summary dialog for notes. Click one of summary notes it will create a note link.
How to adjust the location of attachment or paragraph? Keep the cursor at the front or back of the attachment or paragraph, and click 'up/down arrow' on Extended Keyboard to adjust the location.
How to use fingerprint to unlock? First, you need to set a password, and then turn on 'Fingerprint' option (Premium Feature).
How to adjust the line spacing and font size of the editor? Settings -> General -> Editor, adjust line spacing and font size. On the editor we provides an Edit Lock to prevent accidental deletion and accidental touch.
What's the 'Convert' in the editor menu? 'Convert' is a convert feature between RTF and Markdown text.
How to insert multiple attachments at once? One Jotter supports insert multiple attachments at a time (Premium Feature). If you cannot insert multiple attachments, it's mostly because the FileChooser doesn't support multiple selection.
Why can't insert attachments? This is related to the FileChooser used, Please try another FileChooser.
How to backup notes? Settings -> Import and Export -> Backup now, a copy of the notes will be created in the Storage Card.
Can i import data from other apps? Of course, One Jotter supports import data from Day One, Journey and Bear.
What's the Markdown? Please visit
https://commonmark.org/help/ to learn more.
Need more help? Please email us at cocoastudio@outlook.com or visit One Jotter to learn more.